Provider CLI reference

Golem Provider Command Line Interface

Keep in mind that that is a really basic release, and future updates will give you much more options to play with.

CLI commands

Run golemsp help without arguments to see top-level usage information:

golemsp 0.6.0 (ed55e851 2021-02-15 build #113)
User friedly CLI for running Golem Provider
golemsp <SUBCOMMAND>
-h, --help Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information
run Run the golem provider
stop Stop the golem provider
settings Manage settings
status Show provider status
help Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


golemsp run - Start the Golem provider. It uses mainnet as a payment platform by default.

Invoke golemsp run --help to see more options.


golemsp-settings 0.2.0
Manage settings
golemsp settings <SUBCOMMAND>
-h, --help Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information
set Change settings
show Show current settings
help Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

Settings set

golemsp settings set --help - to see how to change settings.

In order to change a particular setting (for eg. price settings) type:

golemsp settings set --cpu-per-hour 3

You can also combine multiple settings in one command as follows:

golemsp settings set --cpu-per-hour 3 --cores 7 which will change your GLM per hour to "3" and adjust the numbers of shared CPU cores to "7".

To change the default Ethereum address that was created for you during the initial setup process type:

golemsp settings set --account <address>

and restart your node afterwards for it to update. To check if your address has been updated properly run golemsp status

Settings show

golemsp settings show - Show current settings.


node name: "node_name"
shared resources:
cores: 7
memory: 10.9375 GiB
disk: 250.2247528076172 GiB
0 GLM for start
1 GLM per hour
5 GLM per cpu hour


golemsp status - Print out the status of your node.

Example output:

│ Status │
│ │
│ Service is running │
│ Version 0.6.0 │
│ Commit ed55e851 │
│ Date 2021-02-15 │
│ Build 113 │
│ │
│ Node Name tenuous-condition │
│ Subnet community.4 │
│ VM valid │
│ Wallet │
│ 0x979db95461652299c34e15df09441b8dfc4edf7a │
│ │
│ network mainnet │
│ amount (total) 5.261287428341905586 GLM │
│ (on-chain) 1.618008610566005586 GLM │
│ (zk-sync) 3.6432788177759 GLM │
│ │
│ pending 0 GLM (0) │
│ issued 0 GLM (0) │
│ Offers │
│ │
│ Subscribed 2 │
│ │
│ Tasks │
│ │
│ last 1h processed 1 │
│ last 1h in progress 0 │
│ total processed 1 │

In the three columns, you can check the basic information regarding the status of your node


  • Whether your node is running

  • Version of your node (with commit, build date and build number)

  • Name of your node

  • Subnet in which your node is currently running

  • VM status


  • Account address

  • Payment network: mainnet or rinkeby

  • Amount of tokens that you have earned for successful computation

  • On-chain amount of tokens that you have earned (explorer or

  • Zk-sync amount of tokens that you have earned (explorer or

  • Pending payments that you should receive for computation

  • Amount of tokens that is still unconfirmed and may not show on your account


  • Number of currently subscribed (ie. published) Offers by your node.


  • Number of tasks that you were computing in last hour

  • Number of tasks that were in progress during the last hour

  • Total task that you were trying to compute - including those that were not computed