Golem SDK

Quick launch on the New Network Driver

A guide to help you run the yagna daemon with the New Network Driver enabled.


We have enabled providers and requestors to run their nodes with the New Network Driver. You are very welcome to try it out! Experimental Golem Network implementation provides better network scalability as well as increased performance with quicker responses and faster data transfers.



Open your terminal and type:
curl -ksSf https://join.golem.network/as-provider | YA_INSTALLER_CORE=v0.11.0 YA_INSTALLER_VM=v0.2.13 bash -
for further details regarding simple Provider node setup please follow Becoming a provider tutorial.


Open your terminal and type:
curl -ksSf https://join.golem.network/as-requestor | YA_INSTALLER_CORE=v0.11.0 bash -
for further details regarding simple Requestor setup please follow Requestor development tutorial.

Running the daemon


You can simply run Golem provider on the New Network Driver by typing the following in the terminal:
golemsp run
Important: Be aware that the default subnet for Provider running on the New Network Driver is hybrid-mainnet.


You can start the daemon as you usually do:
yagna service run
After you launch the daemon, leave it running in the background. Remember to use hybrid-mainnet when running your tasks on Golem with the New Network Driver enabled.
This experimental Golem Network implementation is ready for your beta tests! In order to run your tasks on Golem devnet you can try to reach out to the hybrid subnet but please remember that we're still under optimization and our testnet might occasionally be unstable.

Port forwarding

To help Golem Network grow and become more resilient and stable it needs more nodes with public IP addresses. This is helpful whether you are running a Provider or Requestor node. Golem can't automatically configure your router to open port 11500, therefore you will need to manually set it up. For router specific instructions on how to forward your ports go to https://portforward.com/. To check if your ports are forwarded correctly you can use www.canyouseeme.org.
If port forwarding doesn't work, you may need to call your ISP to change settings on your router. Don't worry if you are unable to acquire a public IP or open a port. This is optional and won’t prevent you from using the New Network Driver implementation.

Can we help you? Do you have feedback for Golem?

If you'd like to give us feedback and suggestions, if you have errors to report, or if you got stuck and need further help following our tutorials, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on our Golem Discord: https://chat.golem.network