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Provider Troubleshooting
Guides to help you troubleshoot a faulty provider.

Provider Issues

Please note that we currently don't support running Golem in a VM and doing so might result in the Invalid VM error in golemsp status output.

Invalid VM

    Type golemsp status in your terminal window to check the status of your VM
When there is other status than valid
a) If: the user has no access to /dev/kvm run
curl -o setup-kvm.sh https://join.golem.network/setup-kvm.sh && chmod +x ./setup-kvm.sh && ./setup-kvm.sh
Afterwards, log out and log in again into your OS and then, rerun golemsp run
b) If: running inside Docker without access to /dev/kvm run
docker run --privileged
or mount the /dev/kvm device to the Docker container.
c) If: unsupported virtualization type: XEN We do not support XEN hypervisor
    In any other case with the virtualization we recommend the:
sudo apt install cpu-checker && sudo kvm-ok command and follow the steps as given in the terminal interface.
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Invalid VM